Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching up with this planting season

Things were quiet in the Urban Jungle over the winter months and with a ton of family commitments things are getting back on line. Here is a bit of a progress report since last Fall.

DSCN4578  All of the flower beds in the back have been expanded and given a good healthy shot of organic soil, and all the planting was done in mid May (just after the Queen’s Birthday) and although we had a bit of late frost, everything survived quite well. The composter was shifted closer to the house and the whole side bed was maximised for planting.




The weeping crab apple tree was in glorious bloom this spring and was even bigger and more beautiful than any previous year. I think the past couple years of heavy snow have helped with that.


The entire back corner around the blue spruce was reworked and the gazebo covering the Oasis was changed out for something more resistant and permanent. As you can see things are prepped but not planted yet, just the perennials are coming up and some of them were divided and moved around to help fill in the new beds. The vines were fussed with all around the garden and extra support given where needed.

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