Monday, December 17, 2007

WTF ??

Romeo is a little confused as to why there is a tunnel in the backyard now that leads to the bird feeders. There is a good 4 feet of snow accumulated in the backyard now and the entire jungle is under a thick blanket of snow.
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The Day after...

Yesterday we got hit with a huge winter storm, including an experience that I have never had before, thunder and lightning during the storm. We got a good 40 cm of blowing snow and to say the least, things are pretty snowed in.
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Let's go sliding

Romeo was hesitant the first day, but had now been running around the yard and sliding in the snow like a little kid.
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Winter Shminter

Angelina is less than thrilled with all this white stuff, and is cautiously making her way around the yard. Atleast it's really easy to find the monsters in the snow.
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Brave New World

The boys are checking out the change in the yard as we got dumped on with a huge first snow storm of the season. Of course their first point of interest is the area around the bird feeders...
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