Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Refreshing things

We have been on a bit of a blitz this year and have refreshed the dining set (they love us at Loblaws) and made a more comfortable space for dining and relaxing. Things are much more comfortable and we are hoping for a good season.

More Improvements

We reworked the entire area in front of the deck off the kitchen, adding space for more flowers and plants, and added a Bouganvillia, which I hope will go wild and we will have even more vines everywhere.

Multi-purpose Space

Not only is the furniture multi-functional (it can be benches or chaise longues), the space is great for relaxing with friends, reading or doing yoga. I can hardly wait for all the warm weather and the chance to be outside more for the season.

A New View

As part of the changes for this year, we put together a new deck in the middle of the Jungle so we could enjoy the space more, and it makes a great place to relax.

Symphony in Blue

The different shades of blues and greens (and the last of the tulips) all blend in to a lovely little symphony of color in a corner of the garden.

Ferns !

Things got moved around a bit (we have claimed more of the yard for chilling out), and the back wall is coming along nicely with all the ferns, vines and the birdbath. The ferns have all exploded this year and after only a couple of years have spread all over the back corner.

Spring Planting

It was a cool and rainy week, but we finally managed to finish the preparations and get the Jungle all planted and ready to go for the season.

We re-worked most of the beds, and as you can see things are starting to come along. Atleast we got lots of rain and the vines are coming in!

Spring Blooms

The Apple Tree was in it`s full glory this year, and we had tons of blooms. Hopefully there was enough bees flitting around (there are less this year and I find that very concerning). The season has started off cooler than wanted (such a weird winter and spring) and things finally seem to be getting more seasonal.